Relational Competence

Towards a new Culture of Education

Conflicts, grueling power struggles with dificult children, and destructive behavior daily challenge both teachers and parents. The main cause for disobedience and lack of discipline is a deeper-seated relational conflict between adults and children. Children want to learn; and they want to cooperate – provided their personal integrity and individuality are acknowlwdged and maintaned in a respectful manner. This requires truly equal dialogues with children.

Jesper Juul and Helle Jensen emphasize the significance of relational competence as a core concept, changing the very nature we see education. They offer relevant alternaives to conventional education and solutions for difficult situations. They want to offer valid alternatives and give teachers the support so urgently needed.

Professional-personal development is an ongoing, structured process in wich personal patterns of thinking and action are examined, recognized, and processed to find new relevant ways of interaction.

Jesper Juul, Relational Competence